Private consolidated loan agreement – Free model with a lawyer review

  When making a loan, it does not necessarily have to take the form of a monetary liability granted by a non-bank institution. The law also allows a loan for other entities – for example, between private individuals. Even if the parties trust each other, it is worth to sign a contract. It is worth […]

Non-bank consolidated loan – is it a last resort?

  We usually avoid non-bank consolidated loans when we can take advantage of the offer at the bank. We often associate them with dangerous services that are associated with very high costs. However, currently the image of consolidated loan companies is improving and they have more and more customers. Is the non-bank consolidated loan still […]

Tax on consolidated loans from a private person

  The tax on a consolidated loan from a private person is 2%. The tax obligation arises at the time the contract is concluded and rests with the borrower. The tax base is the amount or value of the consolidated loan. Tax on a consolidated loan from a private individual – is it obligatory? The […]

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